Welcome to Creek Bottom Outfitters MD

  Creek Bottom MD
Would you be willing to extend your
deer hunting season for a destination
outside of Québec?
The experience of a dream, where the
quantity and quality of deers harvested
will be great, in a warmer climate from
October until the end of January?
Would you be interested in a outfitter
who offers an impeccable service,
who has access to land full of deers?
You then must meet James Stewart
of Maryland, known as Jim.
Dedicated and experienced guide, he will warmly welcome you to his wonderful lodge.
The pleasant atmosphere, nice mild temperature and quality hunting will meet all of your expectations...
and makes, Creek Bottom Outfitters MD the destination outside Québec.
* Translated from Aventure Chasse et Pêche Magazine
Article written by André Veilleux,
Volume 18 number 1
Spring 2010.

To join us:

English only : Jim Stewart - 301-399-0373
French & English : Therese or Richard Gauthier - 819-449-8312
Jean-Michel Gélinas at 438-820-6708
Email - info@marylandscreekbottomoutfitters.com
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